We base our boarding fees on a nightly rate as we believe you should find comfort when dropping off and picking up your animal knowing you will not be charged extra whatever time you drop off / collect either it being from 08:30 to 16:00 on the same day. If comparing to other establishments that structure their pricing on a daily rate then our pricing is half of what is advertised of our nightly boarding rate (e.g £28.00 per night is equal to £14.00 per day). All pricing includes food, bedding, toys as well as on/off-site walking for both dogs and cats. If medication is required at anytime this is also included in the pricing as an animal in need should not be considered an expense to anyone.


All new customers will receive 10% off their first booking with us. Furthermore all dogs staying over 7 nights will receive a complimentary bath and groom before being returned to their owner. For long stay animals we do offer discount depending on the length of time they are with us.


All pricing includes VAT (@20%).

Dog Boarding Per Night:

Toy / X-Small (e.g. Pug) £28.00
Small (e.g. Bulldog) £30.00
Medium (e.g. Labrador) £35.00
Large (e.g. German Shepherd) £40.00


In winter months there is an additional heating charge of £2.50 per night (inc vat).


Multiple Dog Discount


If you have multiple dogs from the same household that you wish to share then we do offer considerable discounts for multi-dog run use. Please get in touch for additional pricing reductions.

Cat Boarding Per Night:

1 Cat £18.00
2 Cats Sharing £25.00
3 Cats Sharing £35.00


In winter months there is an additional heating charge of £2.00 per night (inc vat).