Dog Boarding Barnet

Oak Cottage Kennels is a fully licensed and insured dog boarding service and has served the pet industry for over 35 years. Our facilities are kept in immaculate condition with an array of facilities to make sure your pet has an enjoyable stay.


We provide fully heated kennels with two different heat sources and musical entertainment within your pet’s run. We also have several ‘family rooms’ enabling dogs from the same home to stay together comfortably. Dogs are fed balanced, nutritious diets based on their diets at home. Special diets are always catered for as well so if you wish to bring in your own food then please let us know!

Your pet(s) has access to a multitude of exercise areas and activities at least twice a day, ranging from Astroturf play, dog walking and free play on the large rural land where they get to run around and make new friends. This is of course if you wish to as we are more than happy to allocate one-to-one time alone with your pets. We also provide dog behaviour mentoring to your pets and add in to their daily routine new skills to learn.

Special Requirements


Pets with special needs can be accommodated and medicines are administered. We have constructed specially adapted facilities to best look after these special pets. We have cared for dogs with epilepsy, diabetes, amputated limbs, no exercise programme due to ligament damage, blind and deaf, very elderly and heavily pregnant with pups imminent and those needing round-the-clock supervision.



Dogs need proof of Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bordetella (kennel cough) prior to boarding with us at Oak Cottage Kennels. This is generally all covered in their annual booster injections however the kennel cough vaccine is a separate course. You can bring this information with you on the day you bring your pooch in with us or alternatively send us their vaccination details to: