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Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding


At Oak Cottage Kennels & Cattery we provide large cattery runs for our meowing friends. Located in a rural area near Barnet, North London your cat can enjoy the sights and sounds of the local wildlife during their stay.


Our fully heated penthouse style runs allow the cats to enjoy a cosy place to sleep whilst also providing all cats plenty of individual playtime space to ensure they stay fit and healthy and to prevent them getting stressed or bored during a stay. There is plenty of open space to run around in, with lots of toys to play with, in a completely hazard free environment.

All cats are fed balanced, nutritious diets based on their diets at home. Special diets are always catered for as well so if you wish to bring in your own food then please let us know!


If you have decided to book with us then please kindly download and fill in this contact form and either email back to us or hand in upon your arrival.